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Four attractive –but not too bright– teenagers steal the test that will decide their college futures, embarking on a trip to the Chilean coast to memorize every answer. However, during an excess-fueled party night, they’ll lose the only copy of the test that can guarantee them a perfect score.

A Forastero/Jirafa co-production.

Directed by: Fabrizio Copano and Augusto Matte.
Written by: Valeria Hofmann and Fabrizio Copano
Produced by: Florencia Larrea, Augusto Matte and Gregorio González


Denise Rosenthal, Belén Soto, Constanza Piccoli, Fabiola Alarcón, Rafael Gumucio, Augusto Schuster, Jorge Zabaleta, Javiera Díaz de Valdés, Ingrid Cruz, Agustín Silva, Samuel Landea, Lucas Balmaceda, Paulina Urrutia.