Terribly saddened by the news about a newborn that died after being abandoned in a dumpster, Sofía attempts to hold a funeral for the baby. When thwarted by bureaucracy, she names the baby Aurora and tries to adopt her. This is a touching tale of mourning based on a true story.


A Caco Films/Forastero production
Directed by: Rodrigo Sepúlveda
Written by: Rodrigo Sepúlveda
Produced by: Florencia Larrea and Rodrigo Sepúlveda


Amparo Noguera, Luis Gnecco, Mariana Loyola, Jaime Vadell, Francisco Pérez-Bannen


Rodrigo Sepúlveda Urzúa was born in Chile in 1959 and is known for his distinguished career in television and cinema.

He directed the feature film “A Thief and his Wife” (2000) based on a story by writer Manuel Rojas, which was selected for the Havana Film Festival, Toulouse Latin American Film Festival, Chicago Latino Film Festival and Miami Film Festival, among others. He also made the short film “The Afternoon Watching Birds” based on a story by writer Carlos Cerda. He wrote and directed the film “Our Father”, an autobiographical film based on the death of his father. “Aurora” is his third feature.


Busan International Film Festival 2014, Korea
SANFIC 2014, Chile