Fraudulent charges aimed at a certain “Lorena Ruiz” begin to plague Olivia, who descends into the dark labyrinth of the Chilean payment collection system to confront the unknown woman. However, each step deeper into the underworld progressively blurs the line between Olivia and Lorena’s real identities.


A Forastero production, in co-production with Don Quijote Films, Carrousel Films and Lastarria 90
Directed by: Isidora Marras
Written by: Isidora Marras and Catalina Calcagni
Produced by: Josefina Undurraga and Gregorio González


Loreto Aravena, Paulina García, Gabriela Aguilera, Matías Oviedo, Elisa Zulueta, Etienne Bobenrieth


Isidora Marras wrote, directed and produced the short film “Mirada a Vapor”, which was selected for the 2008 Valdivia International Film Festival, the 2008 Santiago International Film Festival and shown at the Young Chilean Cinema Showcase of Memphis in 2009; and “La Carbonada del Cuervo”, which she developed during a scholarship program she won from the Embassy of France at the National School of Image and Sound in Paris (La Fémis).
At her return to Chile, she wrote and directed the short film “En la Azotea”. In 2009, she did her thesis in the first Easter Island Film Festival.

She premiered her first feature as director “I’m not Lorena” at the Toronto International Film Festival.


Toronto International Film Festival 2014

Carte Blanche – Locarno Film Festival 2013

Work in Progress  – SANFIC 2013

Nuestra América Primera Copia – Festival de Cine de La Habana 2013