«Perez» presents the encounter between an immature and irresponsible forty-something father and his 22 year old daughter, Roma, whom he has only seen a few times in his whole life. Tardily seeking to establish a relationship with her, he invites her to spend a few days at his vacation cabin in the south of Chile. During these three days, Roma uses head-on confrontation, bluntness and dark humor to show the anger she feels towards Perez, as well as the sudden jealousy provoked by Marion, her father’s young girlfriend, whom she had not been warned about.

A La Santa production, in co-production with Forastero and Chilealta
Directed by: Álvaro Viguera
Written by: Elisa Zulueta
Produced by: Antonia Santa María


Álvaro Viguera studied acting at the Pontifica Universidad Católica de CHile. He has taken courses abroad in the San Antonio de los Baños Film School, in Cuba, and with mexican editor Octavio Iturbe in Montevideo, Uruguay.
As stage director and playwright he has done «You, my first movie» («Tú, mi primera película») and «The Dance» («El Baile»). He has adapted for the stage and directed A. Baricco’s «Novecento» and G. Fadanelli’s novel «Malacara» («Bad Face»). He directed the musical «The Last Cuplé: Sarita Montiel’s Cabaret». He has also directed in the Muestra de Dramaturgia Nacional and the Muestra de Dramaturgia Europea.
As an actor he’s been praised for his roles in Ramón Griffero’s «End of the Eclipse», Francisca Bernardi’s «Mi Joven Corazón Idiota» and Elisa Zulueta’s «Gladys».
On film he’s acted in films such as Nayra Ilich’s «Square Meter», Roberto Farías’s «Quiero Entrar» and Coquimbo Films’ «Super».
On TV he has been part of the acclaimed series «Los 80» («The Eighties») and in Marcelo Ferrari’s telefilm «Huidobro».

«Perez» is his first feature film.