Everybody had high expectations on Roberto, and he fulfilled them. The father of the cortical migration theory was on the cutting edge of research on human memory even before he was thirty. After eight years working in France, he comes back to Santiago to teach in his old school for a semester. As he stumbles upon his past, the very theory that gave Roberto a name allows him to discover how little he has to pride himself of.


A Forastero production, in co-production with Escala Humana, La Ventura and Domenica Films
Directed by: Sebastian Brahm
Written by: Sebastian Brahm
Produced by: Gregorio González and Jorge López Valdés


Cristián Carvajal, Paola Giannini, Camilo Carmona, Pablo Krögh


Sebastián Brahm has written, directed and produced the short films “Amorosa” (2001) and “Las Bicicletas” (“The Bicycles”, 2005). Besides, he created, developed and produced de documentary “La Península de los Volcanes” (“The Volcanos’s Peninsula). “The Bicycles” has participated in several festivals between 2005 and 2006 (Chicago, Guadalajara, Kinoforum, Milano, Amiens); and it was presented out of competition in Cannes 2006.
He teaches screenwriting in two chilean universities. He is also an actor and film editor. The documentary “El Poder de la Palabra” (“The Power of Speech”), which he edited, was selected in the category “First Appearences” of International Documentary Film Festival of Amsterdam. Román’s Circuit is Sebastián`s first feature film.


Toronto International Film Festival (Discovery) (World Premiere)
Festival Internacional de Cine de Valdivia (Competencia Internacional) (Latinamerican Premiere)