After working in Iraq as mercenaries, two Chilean brothers struggle with the horrors of post-traumatic stress disorder. When Pelao kills himself, Jorge embarks on a journey with his brother’s ex-wife to take his ashes to their ancestral village on the Altiplano. Tierra Yerma (Wastelands) is an intimate and powerful drama about the hidden face of war, about sibling rivalry and love, guilt and forgiveness.


A Forastero/Echo Art Films/Altiplano Films/Paprika co-production
Directed by: Miriam Heard
Written by: Miriam Heard
Produced by: Gregorio González and Miriam Heard
Co-produced by: Laurent Baujard and Pierre-Emmanuel Fleurantin of Paprika


Erto Pantoja, Julio Milostich, Heidrun Breier.


Miriam Heard was born in North Wales and brought up in the United Arab Emirates. She studied English Literature at Oxford University before training as an actress in London at RADA, and at the Conservatoire Nationale d’Arts Dramatiques in Paris.
Working as an actress in Chile, Paris and London she worked most closely with the late Chilean director Raúl Ruiz, appearing in several of his films, both in Chile and France. She studied filmmaking at NYU in New York and works as a director, screenwriter and literary translator.This is her first feature film as writer/director.